10 Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

The wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to break the routine. After years of living together, you certainly know your partner by heart but keep in mind that it is always possible (and important) to surprise your loved one. So, to celebrate your love, discover some of the most popular 10 year wedding anniversary ideas.

1. Holiday in France

Paris has a reputation as being the most romantic city in the world. You and your loved one will experience unforgettable moments if you travel there for your 10 year anniversary. A romantic dinner is a perfect way to remember all the good times spent together and escape the daily routine. In order to have the most romantic anniversary in France opt for an original dinner, in the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower or the Montparnasse Tower, in a gourmet restaurant … On a side note, this isn’t the time to think about your budget.
To finish off, book a hotel room. It is now very easy to find affordable hotels throughout France. Don’t forget to check that everything is perfectly safe and in order, such as the hotel or the travel package deal.

2. Tropical themed party

This a perfect anniversary party theme for cold winter evenings. Decorate your apartment /house to give it a more tropical look and ask your guests to come dressed in their best swimsuits and their sarong. It will remind you of summer and holidays! If you live in a city far away from the beach, this theme is perfect for you. The beach party can also be an ideal way to celebrate a birthday, the new year and especially a 10 year wedding anniversary. If you got married in summer, on a beach, this will surely bring back a lot of memories.

3.Cinema-themed party

When it comes to 10 year wedding anniversary ideas, a themed party is suitable for those who want to liven up the party atmosphere and to have fun on their anniversary day. If you are the organizer, do not forget to ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite movie characters! Create a questions and answers game revolving around famous actors and award a prize, such as a restaurant gift card. Opt for a buffet to make things easier for everyone, especially if there are many guests. Choose simple American recipes or dishes that remind you of Hollywood.

4. Celebrate with your family and friends

Regarding 10 year wedding anniversary ideas, this is a practical idea, especially if you are on a low budget. Decorate your house, send invitations and get small gifts for everyone. You can also hire a decorator and a DJ or a band to play at your party. If you want to have a private and quiet wedding anniversary, invite your family and your best friends. If you don’t have time to organize a party at your home, then host your wedding anniversary at a classy restaurant and invite all your friends and relatives. Share your wedding anniversary with the people who mean the most for you.