Baby Monitor Vs. Home Security Camera

Posted on May 7, 2016

Baby monitors have been truly innovated in the last few years. Nowadays, you can choose from digital to video monitors that are able to let you keep a track on your baby’s sleeping schedule and alert you in case there’s something wrong. However, even though these systems have advanced, many parents choose to install a home security camera in order to monitor the baby. If you are interested in knowing more of the advantages and disadvantages of using a baby monitor or a home security camera, read more in the article below.


Baby monitors come with several functions, such as the sounds option. Nowadays, thanks to a baby monitor you are able to see and hear what the baby is doing in another room. A baby monitoring system provides 2 units, one which is meant to be placed in the baby room and a second one which belongs to the parent. Regarding security systems, keep in mind that there’s no need to have 2 units. The unit is linked to a compatible device for viewing, such as the computer or smartphone. A surveillance system requires internet to work; this has some disadvantages and advantages. It may happen that during the night the modem will lose connectivity without you even knowing it. Nevertheless, if you check out the finest security camera systems, you will see that some cameras use Bluetooth in order to connect to monitoring devices located nearby. So, while you can use the internet to check on the baby when you are away, you can use Bluetooth at home for a better connectivity.


Baby monitors are quite expensive compared to home security cameras. Also, the main disadvantage of using a baby monitor is that once the child grows, these systems become of no use. Regarding home surveillance camera, you can obviously use them for other purposes for many years to come. IP cameras are much more cost-effective than baby monitors because you don’t need to buy an additional unit for viewing.


The main difference between a baby monitor and a home surveillance camera is related to usability and ease of use. The baby monitors come with required components and are much more easy to install and set up. On the other hand, security cameras have to be connected to a compatible device with a software. An IP camera is a video camera that connects to your home Internet network (either wired or wireless, just like a computer / phone / tablet etc) and transmits data (ie images and / or sound ) through this network, but the major advantage compared to a baby monitor is that it send pictures through the internet so you can access even when you are outside the home, in the office, at the coffee shop from anywhere you have access to the Internet.