Christmas Family Games

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

Christmas is a time filled with love and joy. Keep your guests happy with many fun games and activities. Whether you’re having a Christmas party with your family or a party with friends and co-workers, here are some Christmas family games that will help you make your party festive and entertaining.

1. Jingle Bell Rings

This is a game for a large group. The rules are simple. Divide the group into teams and choose one family representative of the group. The representative must separate from the family team and leave the room for a couple of minutes. Each group must create a different bell sound, for example ‘jingle’. When the family teams finish choosing their signature sound, the representatives must be blindfolded and stand in a line. The main idea of this game is that the representatives must guess the bell sound belonging to their group.

2. Present scramble

You’ll need a little time to prepare the things needed for this game, but the effort will definitely pay off. Wrap a small gift in a small box and then put the box in a larger box. You must do this procedure as many times as possible, or until you’re left out of boxes. First, choose a number. Gather the family around and ask everyone to roll a dice. If someone guesses your number, he/she can start unwrapping the gift. The remaining players take turns in rolling the dice. Each person who rolls the chosen number must wear oven mitts. If another player rolls the correct number, then he has to continue unwrapping the gift, while wearing the mitts. The winner of the prize is the one who unwraps the actual gift.

3. Christmas guess who

When it comes to Christmas family games, a game of ‘guess who’ can spice up the whole evening. Select a few simple Christmas phrases and words for children. Then, have all kids sit on the floor and ask one of them to stand out and mime a word. If the word is guessed, another kid has to stand out and guess the next word. To turn this game into a game of points, split the participants into teams and have them select 10-15 Christmas themed topics. Assign points for each topic, according to the difficulty. The team with the most number of points wins the game.

4. Musical Chairs

This game is one of the most popular Christmas family games, a game loved by many generations. Choose chairs for each player but take one at the beginning of the game. While a short snippet of music is played in the background, the participants move around the room. The rule is that when the music stops, each player must sit on a vacant chair. The one person left without a chair is out of the game. Of course, after each round, a chair must be taken out. The game ends when only one person is left.

5. Christmas White Elephant

There are many fun ways to play this game. First, choose a gift, it can be a book, a toy or a piece of clothing. To keep things fair, choose a price limit and say what type of exchange gift it will be. Second, have each person select a gift and open it at the same time. Once all the gifts are open, each player can keep the gift they got or steal a gift from someone else. Each player has only one turn. The game ends when all the gifts are open and the turn reaches the first player.