Creating New Memories with Your Family

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

The best memories in a person’s life are together with one’s family, so it is understandable why all parents should look for ways to create such memories for their children and for themselves as well. As children grow up it is important to create a connection with them in order to maintain a close relationship. To this extent, here are a few ideas of how to create memories with your entire family:

Create a canvas collage for your wall

This is in an idea where everyone can participate. This will be a great chance to have a look at your family photos together with everyone, remember good times spent together, tell old tales and choose the ones that you like most. After that, you could print several of them on some canvases with the help of websites such as and create a beautiful collage for the living room. It will be something that you all created together, not to mention that it will give you the chance to be together and discuss the happy events in your family. The collage you create will offer you the chance to always remember the happy times you spent together as a family.

Start a new family tradition

All families have their traditions, but most of them are centered around the major holidays. In order to create more family memories, you should think of something that you can all do together once a month. You could organize a monthly game of charades or a weekend trip to a place where you could all spend time together. It does not necessarily have to be something outdoorsy if you are not that type of family. You could have museum day or something else that you could do together with your entire family. This is how small family businesses are often born, as you can come up with a new hobby that will eventually turn into a business idea.

Go on a family trip

How long has it been since you last when somewhere with your family? If it takes you more than a few seconds to give an answer, it’s time to organize a new trip. Whether you choose to spend a day at the beach, go camping or fishing, it should be something where everyone can go and have fun. At the end of the day, you will surely have many things to laugh about and you will have created memories that you can remember with warmth and joy for many years to come.