Frugal Beauty Tips for Stay at Home Mums

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Being a mom implies day and night care and attention, means always looking after your child, which sometimes leaves you little to no time for yourself. This can lead to a low self-esteem, to a poor couple relationship and can even get you into depression. To avoid becoming slattern and unkempt, you can use these useful and frugal beauty tips that require few of your time and are easy to put into practice.

The help in your storeroom

Many allies in achieving beauty lay in your kitchen, at the reach of your hand. Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, brown sugar, eggs, lemon, honey, and cucumber are just some of the products in your fridge or storeroom you can use to clean and nourish your face, body, hands, legs, and nails. The oils are great for your hair and skin, the brown sugar is a great scrub, the lemon strengthens your nails and the cucumber is a great antioxidant for your face and eyes. Use them in many combinations and you will obtain a neat and fresh look without spending a fortune on expensive cosmetics.

Take care of your hair

The hair is very important, and a well-cared hair can change your aspect completely. If you wash your hair in a few minutes, while the baby is crying for you, it is likely that you can not afford wasting time with products that require acting time, therefore, you should opt for leave-in products that require no rinse. Also, you can add a touch of egg yolk in your shampoo or some vinegar in the rinsing water, this way your hair will look healthy and shiny. A little olive oil on the hair ends will nourish the hair and avoid split ends. Moreover, the styling tool that should not miss from any woman’s beauty kit is the flat iron. The best rated flat irons can help you straighten or even curl your hair in a matter of minutes.

Hair color ideas for moms

The hair color is also important for your aspect and since you do not have much time to spend in a salon, you can try to obtain a nice hair color at home. An ammonia-free hair dye is great for nourishing your hair and you find it available in stores. Opt for natural colors, close to the shade of your natural hair, to make sure you don’t have to dye your hair every month due to grown roots.

Eyelash growth serum for amazing lashes

The eyes are the soul’s mirror, and you should take care of them. If you use mascara on your lashes, make sure you remove it every night with a special eye make-up remover. Speaking of lashes, you can help them grow and regenerate by using a good eyelash growth serum that you can make at home. Mix some castor oil and coconut oil with a few capsules of vitamin E and you will have an efficient and moisturizing eyelash growth serum that will add depth and length to your lashes. Apply this mixture to the roots of your clean lashes before you go to bed and you will have incredible lashes in no time. There are also some good eyelash growth serum products that you can buy online, but we found the homemade version to be quite efficient.