Funny Ideas of Family Reunion Activities

Posted on Sep 23, 2016

Family reunions are great, because you get to see all your family members, you reminisce, you share each others’ events, you find out more about their lives and you spend time with your loved ones in a comfortable and familiar environment. To make sure you enjoy every single minute with your family, here are some ideas of fun and entertaining family reunion activities you can perform together.

Family cookbook

What best way to bring family members closer than delicious meals? Ask the talented women from your family to prepare a special dish, one of their favorites, then try to guess who prepared which dish. Take photos of the dishes, collect the recipes and the opinions of each family member and create you family’s cookbook.

Play memory games

This game is suitable for every generation at a time and consists of remembering details of various moments you shared together. Ask each other questions and discover how good your memory works when you have to remember an event from the past.

Swap pictures

Another fun family reunion activity is to collect photos of every family member and swap them from hand to hand, until they are completely mixed up, then try to guess which photo belongs to whom. In moments like this you will realize how much you have all changed and how much you resemble each other.

Family scavenger hunt

One of the greatest family reunion activities that shows you how much you know about your family’s history is the family scavenger hunt. This is a great way of involving the small ones, who are likely to feel bored at a family reunion. Create a booklet wit family-related questions, set a deadline then gather the family members and judge the results.

Watch videos and photos

One of the best family reunion activities is watching videos and photos of your family members from when they were young, videos from anniversaries, weddings, baptisms or graduations. This way you will explore their feelings, you will see how excited and nervous they were and somehow you will share those moments with them even though you were not present at the time.

Play games

Games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Mimic, baseball or football are fun and entertaining family reunion activities for all ages and you will certainly enjoy playing them with your family. Organize tournaments and give the winners prizes consisting in their favorite cake or a personalized T-shirt with a photo of the entire family. You can even create diplomas to award the oldest member of the family, the youngest or the funniest joke-teller.