Helping Your Teenage Daughter Get Rid of Acne

Posted on Jan 2, 2016

Although adult acne is not uncommon, this skin condition is typically known for affecting teenagers, so, as a parent, you need to get ready to tackle the subject. A few zits may seem harmless to you as an adult, but they can take their toll on your daughter’s confidence, causing insecurity and even social integration issues. Acne can be kept under control because there are many effective remedies out there, but what teenagers tend to do is panic and try all sorts of creams and lotions without having a certain method or education in the field. This, combined, with stress and unhealthy habits, can make acne even worse, so take the time to sit down, have an open parent-daughter conversation and think of a strategy to make her feel beautiful again.

Help her find the best skin care routine

The market abounds in anti-acne creams and medications, but not all of them are safe or effective. The issue with teenagers is that they’re very worried about fitting in, so they rush to buy the cream that did wonders for their friend, but that doesn’t mean it is right for them. We all have different skin types and there are also different types of acne, so you should help your daughter find the combination of products that works for her. You should start with a gentle, organic brand because such a product won’t cause any redness since it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. Stay away from cheap, mass market brands that target teenagers specifically. Their products will save you money, but they rarely work. Instead, focus on quality; your daughter deserves the best, so you should be willing to spend some extra money on products that are clinically tested, fragrance and paraben free.

The importance of skin care education

Your daughter will find acne easier to handle if she knows what it is, why it occurs and how she can reduce its impact. Skincare education is very important for girls and should be encouraged from an early age; otherwise, she won’t know how to take care of her skin later in life. Tell her about the factors that trigger acne and teach her the healthy skin care habits that can keep zits at bay: always taking her makeup off before going to bed, using products suitable for her skin type, refraining from touching her face and others. Also, look up the best acne fighting ingredients (the worst too!) and encourage her to read the list of ingredients on the packaging. Needless to say, you should assure her of the fact that acne is just a skincare condition, not a standard by which she should value her self-worth. Information empowers, and if your daughter learns about skincare when she’s just a teen, she’ll know how to better look after her skin later in life.

Encourage her to see a dermatologist

Teens hate going to the doctor and if your daughter is already concerned about her acne, an appointment to the dermatologist will only stress her out more. Tell her that the skin, like any organ, can be affected by various conditions and seeking medical help is perfectly normal. In fact, following the advice of a dermatologist leads to faster, better results and it’s also safer. If her acne doesn’t show any sign of improvement after following a high-quality routine diligently for a few months, maybe she needs a different treatment or prescription products. It’s much better to see an expert than to let her experiment with all sorts of products that may cause nasty side effects!