How to Communicate with Your Spouse

Posted on Dec 22, 2015

Speaking/Talking, listen, sharing your desires and wishes … This is the secret of a lasting love. But we get distracted with other things and this becomes easier to say than to do. However, it is possible to improve the dialogue and even have a better communication with your spouse. Learn how to communicate with your spouse with these 4 tips.

1. Never stop talking

At first, we love to have many conversations for 2 to 3 hours. We share with each other our desires, our vision of life, our aspirations … But over time, these conversations tend to become increasingly rare, and it becomes difficult to take some time from our hectic schedule to communicate with our loved ones. So to begin with, why not create an opportunity for dialogue in everyday life? During the walk to the market on a Sunday morning, while enjoying a drink after work, before going to bed … Each couple can invent their own ritual.
But be careful: you can talk for hours with someone without really talking to them. In our daily life, we end up talking more about our work problems, or the bills that we must pay instead of talking about the relationship. It’s so important for a couple to surprise each other and to have meaningful conversations.

2. Know when to talk and when to keep silent

Love is blind, the saying goes. It’s a myth, an illusion like the idea that one does not need to communicate because he/she loves the other. This is false. It is important to know how to communicate with your spouse. And sometimes, it is important to know how to be together without necessarily speaking. Careful not to confuse the complicit silence with the other silence which translates more into boredom, resentment, sadness … Even in silent moments, be careful to stay in the open, and share your thoughts with the other. Because small phrases like “Why don’t you want to talk? “Or” Tell me what you’re thinking about”are signs of silence and are probably more complicated.

3. Talk about your life as a couple

Yes, these discussions allow everyone to talk about the things that annoy each other. But above all, they represent the opportunity to make a progress. Many couples end up constrained by one another. They no longer love each other but they like the relationship because the idea of being a couple is reassuring. You should stop pretending that everything is all right. Instead, be open and honest with your spouse.

4. Understand disputes

When it comes to learning how to communicate with your spouse, you should know that it is normal for a couple to argue. This is proof that the couple is functioning. The common feature of most conflicts is mainly a communication problem. Household scenes are there to put the record straight. They take place when the couple was not able to talk before. Everyone then shows their emotions and frustrations.
But all couples do not have the same approach to the conflict. If some never seem to argue, others, instead, spend all of their time bickering. When you are in constant conflict, you are in a manifesting dominance, where you will constantly test the limits of the other and the bond that unites you to him/her.