How to Ease Your Child’s Cold Symptoms

Posted on Apr 2, 2016

When your child has a cold, you would do anything to ease their pain and discomfort and you look for all kinds of tricks and remedies that will make them feel better. Since you can not take the cold away from them with the touch of your hand, some useful remedies and allies in fighting the nasty cold will come in handy.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is an excellent remedy for colds because the ingredients in it help to improve the respiratory system. Even if the child is not hungry, ask them to have a few sips of the chicken soup and they will soon feel better.


Honey is known for its healing powers and effects on colds and sore throats. Honey is excellent against coughing, has antibacterial properties and strengthens the immunity system, helping the child fight the bacteria. However, you should not give honey to children under 1-year-old since it may trigger botulism, a very serious disease. Mix the honey with lemon, garlic, pollen and royal jelly and you will have the best natural antibiotic for your child. Moreover, if the sore throat is not soothed in a few days, you should take your child to the doctor as they might suffer from strep throat which must be treated with antibiotics.

Nasal vacuum and saline solution

These two products come bundled and are an essential aid in cleansing the nose of the child when it is stuffy. A homemade saline solution of water and salt is the most effective and healthy way to unclog the child’s nose and the vacuum helps to extract the delicate mucus without harming the inside of the nose. Give up on sprays or drops that can be addictive drugs and on napkins that irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

A humidifier

If you did not know it by now, your child will discover that humidity is their dearest friend when they have a cold. Use a room humidifier to ensure as little dry air as possible and you will see how the cold symptoms will be reduced. The humidifier helps you to maintain a good humidity level in the room and it also helps the child sleep better and breathe easier. Moisture helps unclog the child’s clogged nose and relieve cough by soaking the throat. Make sure you clean the humidifier very well to avoid germs to develop inside it.

A clean environment

The environment in the child’s room is as important as the medication, therefore, you should make sure the child sleeps in a clean room with fresh air, away from irritants like cigarette smoke, powerful odors, and drifts of air. Have the child sleep on a tall pillow to keep the head in a higher position than the rest of the body for easy breathing.