How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Since babies insert in their mouths objects that are far from being sterile, you may wonder why is it so important to sterilize the baby bottles with maximum care. The answer is that the milk the babies drink tends to dry in certain areas of the bottle that are hard to wash and develop germs that are harmful to the baby. In order to avoid infections, it is best that you thoroughly sterilize the baby bottles with boiling water in addition to washing them with special detergent. Here are some of the ways you can sterilize your baby’s bottles and other food containers.

The electric sterilizer

The most popular method to sterilize the baby bottles is the electric sterilizer. The whole operation takes between 8 to 12 minutes and a device of this type has a capacity of up to 8 bottles. Some mothers worry about the electricity consumption, but the truth is that it does not consume more than a microwave oven and it is very safe for the baby.

The boiling method

Another common method of bottle sterilization is to boil them in water for at least five minutes after the water starts to boil. Remove the nipple from the bottle, boil them in water and safely get them out using a tongues, then let them dry face-down on a clean towel.

The microwave sterilization

The microwave can also be helpful when it comes to sterilizing the bottles, but it is only suitable for bottles that are designed to be used in the microwave. It is sufficient to keep them in the microwave for 1 minute and a half and it is recommended that the teat and bottle are put separately on the rotating plate because a closed bottle can gather pressure inside due to the high temperature, and it could easily break. There are also special vessels for steam sterilization in the microwave oven which require between 3 and 8 minutes for a complete process and in most cases can fit 4-6 containers at once. Sterilizing in the microwave is very easy. Nevertheless, sterilizing is one thing, but avoid using the microwave for heating the baby food as that is very unhealthy.

The sanitizing dishwasher

The sanitizing dishwasher is a useful and easy way to sterilize the baby bottles. However, the sanitizing procedure can only be performed by some models that can achieve a high temperature during the washing process. The certified dishwashers have a sanitizing cycle that reaches a temperature of over 150 degrees which destroys 99% of the bacteria and viruses existing on the dishes. To make sure the dishwasher works at its fullest and provides great performance and a proper sanitation, keep the dishwasher clean and use a quality detergent during the washing cycle.