How to Turn Knitting into a Family Activity

Posted on Dec 6, 2017

Knitting is a very underrated craft nowadays. The fact is that nowadays, it is a lot more comfortable to buy clothes than to make them yourself. However, knitting is an activity that suits people of all ages, and it has many wonderful benefits. Keep on reading to learn how this craft can become the best family activity.

1. Knitting benefits

It has been scientifically proven that knitting has many health benefits. he repetitive motions are great for reducing stress and improving mindfulness. Moreover, due to the fact that you work with your eyes and your hands, knitting improves eye to hand coordination, and it has even been proved that it prevents cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer and dementia. For children who grew up with technology, knitting is a great way to improve focus and mindfulness, and it also improves the kid’s motor skills Last but not least, completing a knitting project can be very rewarding and it can bring an increased sense of confidence.

2. Why knitting makes for a great family activity

The good thing about knitting is that it is a very versatile activity. The activity itself creates a relaxing environment which is great for conversations. If you knit with kids, you can take advantage of this time spent together in order to catch up with their lives. However, you can also knit while watching TV, or while listening to music. However, don’t try to force a conversation. Sometimes, just spending some time together can be great for family relationships. Moreover, if you manage to get your kids interested in this craft, then you will have a shared hobby that will strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

3. How to get your kids to start knitting

If your kids are over 7 years old, then they are old enough to knit, but you will have to be a little creative to make this activity look fun. You can start by buying some playful knitting accessories like a colorful yarn bowl. These bowls come in all sorts of colors and shapes, so you can surely find one that your kids will like. A yarn bowl is also very helpful for beginner knitters as it prevents distractions and annoying tangling situations. Another way to get kids interested in knitting is by finding some playful patterns. Just think of the things that you kid is passionate about and look for some online patters with that theme. You can find patterns with any theme nowadays, even with popular cartoon or movie characters like Elsa or Wonder Woman.