Is It Safe for Your Children to Drink Tap Water?

Posted on Feb 2, 2016

The human body contains 70% water, so water is the most important element for a healthy body. No matter how you try to live healthy if the water you drink is not good, the effects will be seen in time. As we may already know, our health depends on the quality of water we drink. Unlike adults, children need to drink twice as much water, since they easily remove liquid. But not all water is suitable or safe for children to drink, especially tap water. Are you wondering if tap water is safe for children to drink? Find out more in this article.

Tap water contaminants

Theoretically, tap water must be free of impurities, free from germs and bacteria without residue (oil) and a minimum of nitrites, chlorine, and lime. Unfortunately, tap water is considered to be the main enemy. The big problem with tap water is the chlorine and nitrates. The nitrates are the most harmful because their accumulation in the body reduces the cell’s ability to absorb oxygen. However, because of the chemicals used in agriculture, we swallow – with and without our permission – large amounts of nitrites. The second problem is the chlorine used to purify water. Chlorine can irritate the mucous membranes, thus turning it into a respiratory irritant. Our last enemy is the limestone. These contaminants can cause diseases that can endanger the health of your children. That’s why it’s advisable to avoid drinking tap water as much as impossible or find ways to make it safe to drink and use.

Prevention measures

Tap water becomes something else after being filtered, cleansed of all the contaminants mentioned above. Tap water is good for cooking, washing and even drinking, but it’s not safe for children to drink. If this is the only type of water to which you have access, it is compulsory to leave it 24 hours in a container, and then boil it for 15 minutes. Only after this treatment, the water becomes safe. The taste is pretty bad, but it can be improved if you add a teaspoon of orange juice or a few drops of lemon juice.
The best alternative is a water filter system. If you use such a system, you can rest assured knowing that your children don’t consume any impurities, bacteria, viruses, parasites, hydrocarbons, chlorides, sulfates and other harmful substances life. These water filters are designed with specific functions and have different features. It is therefore recommended to check many reviews regarding many types of water filters, so you can know more about the health benefits and advantages of using a water filter.

How to turn tap water into alkaline water

Another factor which affects the tap water’s quality is its pH level. It has been proven that alkaline water has many beneficial effects on the human body. However, tap water is not alkaline; in fact, in some areas, it can be quite acidic due to the contaminants that it contains. In order to make tap water alkaline, you could install a water ionizer. Water ionizers can be quite expensive, but they are worth the cost, especially if you consider the fact that alkaline water can even prevent cancer.