Tips for Buying a Non-Toxic Mattress for the Child’s Room

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

When you organize and decorate your child’s room, you want to make sure it will be a place where your child will be safe, comfortable and healthy, without any item that could be considered dangerous or that could affect their well-being in any way. From the shape of the furniture to the fabrics you choose, everything should be safe, natural and clean so that your child will grow up without any health problems. As far as mattresses are concerned, you must pay extra attention as most models contain a lot of chemicals. We advise you to pay extra attention to the composition of these mattresses.

Choose mattresses made of natural fabrics

When it comes to choosing the mattress for the child’s room, most parents don’t realize that this is as important as the clothes the child is wearing, given that the mattress will touch the child’s body and will contribute to a restful and safe sleep. From the inside to the outside, the mattress should only contain natural fabrics designed to protect the child’s skin and their respiratory and neurological systems.

Opt for natural fire-resistant fabrics

All mattress need to contain fire-resistant materials in order to be considered safe, therefore it is likely that the mattress you buy for your child contains materials that have been soaked in chemicals to make them fire-resistant because this is the cheapest way of making fire-resistant mattresses. Thankfully, there are some alternatives that are great for the child’s room, although the price is higher. Some organic mattresses made of natural wool are fire-resistant because wool is a natural fiber known for its fire resistance. When you choose a mattress made of wool, make sure it is “Pure Grow Wool” labeled, meaning the wool comes from organically raised sheep.

Not everything “organic” means “non-toxic”

There is a difference between organic and non-toxic, and not every organic mattress is suitable for a child’s room. A mattress may have an organic label because it has an interior made of organic cotton or wool, but the interior could be made of vinyl, which is not a natural material and it is likely that it has been chemically treated. Therefore, that mattress can not be considered non-toxic because not all the materials in it are clean and safe.

Check for unpleasant smells

The smell is very important when it comes to mattresses and if your new mattress has a strong and disturbing smell, it is likely that it contains toxins and chemicals that can affect the child’s respiratory system and their skin. Also, prolonged exposure to gas smell can affect the neurological system and cause dizziness, headaches and nausea, therefore, you should listen to your nose when it’s telling you there is something “fishy” about the mattress.

Use organic covers

A great tip for making sure the child sleeps on a safe mattress is to use organic covers to wrap the mattress in it to keep the child away from allergens, chemicals, and mites. You can choose waterproof covers that will turn out to be very useful, especially if you have a small baby.