Tips on Raising Teenage Girls

Posted on Jun 8, 2016

No one says that raising teenage girls is easy. But do not worry. If you show enough love, understanding and a reasonable dose of authority to your teenager, you will build a strong and fulfilling relationship with her. To improve communication with your daughter during her adolescence, start with the first step below.

1. Give up being perfect

To manage the crisis of your daughter’s adolescence, you should know that one has the right to be helpless.. It’s almost impossible to turn into perfect parents over night. If you have a clear and preconceived image of your role, then you will be too strict. Parents are sometimes struggling to adapt and in this case, it is better to admit to your teen that you are overwhelmed. You can say ‘listen, we do what we can, we don’t know or understand everything, but we try’.

2. Be more empathetic

In the same way that a baby explores the world around him by playing with his toys or touching everything, a teenage girl needs to test her limits. Families often worry about their children and make strict rules: do not smoke, do not drink, do not stay out past midnight … But these prohibitions, which are made to reassure parents, are likely violated by the child. The road to independence is through exploration and the usage of practical resources of her body and mind.

3. Be a positive influence

Your teen will not let it show, but what you do and what you say is of great importance to her. She imitates you more than she did when she was three years old. While Watching you, she weighs the pros and cons of what you do, and takes more from your attitude than she realizes, especially if you have a good connection with her.

4. Respect her privacy

While it is clear that parents must provide clear rules, do not exaggerate by trying to dictate all her actions and words. You will risk triggering an explosive rebellion. When it comes to raising teenage girls it is wise to respect her privacy. Think twice before making remarks about her boyfriend or taking her by force to a gynecologist.

5. Remember that this is a passing phase

In 80% of teens, the adolescent crisis goes well. Only 20% are in danger, according to the researchers. Remember that this phase will be resolved quickly and do not assume the worst. However if your daughter has several symptoms (sadness, school failure and withdrawal), it is important to consult professionals to prevent the situation from escalating.

6.Listen to her

The most important tip on raising teenage girls is to simply listen to your daughter. Remember that in order for girls to be independent, they must be able to talk to you, and feel free to confide in you if you desire. If she is afraid of you and you have a bad opinion of her, she will not take the initiative. Autonomy is also listening to the words, wishes and desires of your daughter. If you force it, it will not make her independent.

7.Give her tasks

It’s better to give her small meaningful tasks, such as buying bread or helping with household chores, than to criticize her for not doing anything. Do not hesitate to let your teen manage easy tasks. Gradually, she will enjoy having some responsibilities. Also, absolutely avoid the comparison with her brothers and sisters. It is traumatic and it is not good for either one or the other.