What Can You Do if Your Child Has Been Subjected To Medical Negligence

Posted on Mar 13, 2016

A medical negligence is a case when a patient has been treated under the required standards by a healthcare professional or a case when someone has contracted a disease in a hospital or a medical center due to an error of the staff or a breaking of a hygiene rule. Regardless the situation, if the patient in cause is your child, you feel even more determined to seek justice by any means and you would be relieved to know there are some legal procedures that can offer you compensation.

Which are the cases of children medical negligence?

The birth medical negligence is a common situation around the world and many parents have to struggle with children who suffered injuries because the doctors did not handle them properly during labor and birth. There are cases when both the mother and the child suffer from the incompetence or lack of interest of the doctors, cases which result in physical handicaps and trauma of the child and the mother. Other parents claim that the doctors were not paying attention to their medical record and have failed to tell them about certain deformities and birth defects of the child, in which cases the parents would have chosen to end the pregnancy if they would have known the situation. In some other cases of medical negligence, the children have suffered injuries during routine checks, vaccines or surgeries, ending up with severe defects and handicaps, infections with hospital bacteria or aggravated illness that would not have occurred if the healthcare professionals would have been more careful.

What can you do if your child has suffered from medical negligence?

In every case of medical negligence, there are legal steps that can bring a drop of peace and consolation to the parents and the children who have suffered the medical negligence. For underage children, the parents have the right to file medical malpractice claims as legal tutors of the children. To prove your case in court can be a cumbersome process in which you will need professional help from an attorney that will tell you exactly what to do. You will have to prove the medical negligence with medical records, evidence of the injuries, the treatments and therapies that were needed to treat the effects of the medical negligence and bills of the costs of the procedures. It also helps if you can find similar medical malpractice claims where the injured parties won the lawsuits. Having all these attached to your claim will increase your chances of proving that your child has been subjected to medical negligence that has affected his health and his entire life.