Why are Regular Dental Visits Important for Your Children?

Posted on Sep 3, 2016

Parents are so focused on the everyday development of their children that they neglect the most important aspect: dental care. The fact is that the sooner the child begins to go regular check-ups, the healthier his mouth will be throughout his life. But why does it pay to start dental visits early? Going to the best dentists will educate them from an early age about the importance of cleaning their teeth and they will also get used to the dentist’s chair. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis has many benefits for your child.

Dental check-ups at an early age

The transition from bottle to cup happens very quickly, meaning that in no time the child will start having snacks in the middle of the night. Habits such as these are dangerous since they increase the likelihood of developing cavities. Generally, you should bring your child to the dentist’s office at age 2 to get his first set of X-rays. Taking into consideration that anything can be lurking in their mouths, it is important to identify threatening bacteria and to eliminate the cause of cavities. People who do not have their teeth checked from an early age usually suffer from issues caused by cavities the rest of their lives. This is necessary during ages 4 and 6.

Between the ages of 6 and 12, the purpose is to prevent the forming of cavities because the baby teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. In order to prevent the formation of cavities, the dentist typically applies a sealant that prevents bacteria from getting into grooves and valleys. Only a professional can advise you to complete the regular check-ups with an orthodontic evaluation to modify jaw growth and to eliminate the need for braces. Later on, the child will have a beautiful smile.

Learning the importance of good oral health

The great thing about regular dental visits is that the dental practitioner asks many questions to learn about the health practices of the patient. For instance, the dentist may ask your child if he usually drinks tap water or if he eats snack regularly. Not only is this information useful for finding out about the health practices of the patient, but also for providing him with proper oral education advice and to make sure that he will not face further problems. Only children who have been taken to dental visits at an early age are capable of grasping the importance of oral health and this is why it is important to encourage them to form healthy habits.

Preparing for the first visit

The biggest mistake that parents tend to make is to make a big deal out of going to the dentist. While it may seem a good strategy to talk about the upcoming visit, it is actually not. The reason is that you transform a minor thing into a major one and you may frighten the child. Instead, try being as brief as possible. Another thing to consider is that you have to be positive. Not everyone is scared of going to the dentist and not all experiences have to be negative. If you had a bad experience, this does not mean that history will repeat itself. Last but not least, keep quiet and let the dentist do the explaining.